Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 x Teasers for #GhostInTheShell live action film Released!

Time for leaked images are over .. Paramount Pictures has released a total of 5 x teasers for the live action “Ghost in the Shell Movie”, with a scheduled March 31st, 2017 premiere date set in the USA, while Singapore’s is March 30th! (IMDb)

Directed by Rupert Sanders, written by Jonathan Herman, Jamie Moss (writer) and Masamune Shirow, (manga), the film stars Scarlett Johansson as “The Major” (we see her in a few of the teasers posted here), and as well see in one of the teaser was Takeshi Kitano (as “Daisuke Aramaki”).

I like what I see here, a squint as a series of sequences of hopefully GOOD things to come! I remain optimistic and hopeful!

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Anime Dreams Made Live Action

Personally, I am not too affected (not "too" much anyways) by the casting decisions for the upcoming live action GHOST IN THE SHELL movie (until I watch the final result for myself anyways :p), not as much as I am bracing myself for the iconic visual splendour seen in the anime, for if these did not exist nor replicated with awesomeness as the result. I'd be pretty darn disappointed and pissed, actually!

GITS is the sum of it's characters, situations and environment, and singular "casting" itself is not enough to bring the film down, IMHO. Or so I hope against all hope that all will be well ... although ironically, anime films such as GITS and AKIRA remain such memorable darlings in my/our collective psyches, these are films that I wished remain as such, and not be adapted into live action and it's ilk, as it would be compared against the classic animated versions of it, regardless of what folks hope otherwise.

The above version is in itself a remake of the OG GITS film, as seen in ARISE - a prequel of GITS / Section 9.

Nothing wrong with a "remake" - either do a much better version of it, or simply don't frak it up.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Leaked Character Images of “live” action #GITS film

“Leaked” live action cast pics of actors in their character designs for GHOST IN THE SHELL, including The Major (Scarlett Johansson), Ishikawa (Lasarus Ratuere), Togusa (Chin Han), Saito (Yutaka Izumihara), Borma (Tawanda Manyimo), Batou (Pilou Asbæk), and Aramaki (Takeshi Kitano).

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Pics of Scarlett Johansson as the "Major" on-set

Regardless if you've gotten over (or not) actress Scarlett Johansson being cast as the "Major", here are a coupla snaps of her on-set while filming for the live action film - courtesy of pics via HK01 + Apple Daily (bywayof JoBlo), whom we see her amongst the street-level denizens of (perhaps) "Ghost City" (?).

WHO-IS: "Major Motoko Kusanagi is the main protagonist in Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series. She is an augmented-cybernetic human employed as the squad leader of Public Security Section 9, a fictional law-enforcement division of the real Japanese National Public Safety Commission. Being strong-willed, physically powerful, and highly intelligent, she is well known for her skills in deduction and hacking. Kusanagi's various incarnations in the manga, movies, and TV series all portray her differently. Since each of these has an independent storyline, Kusanagi's physical and mental characteristics have been modified in different ways to reflect the focus of each respective story." (IMDb)

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Seen on the set of the live action #GhostInTheShell film - featuring (above left-to-right): Rupert Sanders, Scarlett Johansson, Mamoru Oshii, Tricky, Kenji Kamiyama, and Kenji Kawai. Now THIS is a truly "power" pic! (Pic via @ProductionIGinc)

In the www sites and Wikipedia, it has been mentioned Scarlett is playing the "Major", but on IMDb she is listed as playing "Kusanagi".

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pilou Asbæk as "Batou"

In the live-action feature film adaptation, the character of cyborg "Batou" is played by Danish actor Johan Philip "Pilou" Asbæk, and thanks to paparazzi-snaps via HK01 + Apple Daily (bywayof JoBlo), we get to see the white-hair gent in character and on-set, sporting a crew cut, looking like his 1995 anime-self (The pony-tail is in the "Stand Along Complex" animated series), looking very much like a "greasy" European gangster or underling, IMHO…

"Batou" to me, has always been the subtle and stoic badass character, who has a soft-spot for the Major, but will kick anyone else's asses otherwise! Hope the film character can hold his own, instead of being a sidekick, IMO.

… what is "missing" here is his "signature" (well, at least to me) cyborg-eye "attachments"…

WHO-IS: "Batou (バトー Batō?) is a main male character in the Ghost in the Shell series, the second-best melee fighter in Section 9, and is the second in command under Major Motoko Kusanagi. While his name is officially romanized as "Batou", in some copies of the first film's subtitles and credits, it is spelled "Bateau" (the French word for "boat")."

#GhostCity - Street Level behind-the-scenes & anime

We get a behind-the-scenes look at the street-level scenes filmed in the live-action adaptation of GITS (all posted above), courtesy of pics via HK01 + Apple Daily (bywayof JoBlo), which essentially shows more of the "costumes" and clothes worn by the folks in the movie, with slight glimpses of the (existing) cityscape which ay or may not include CGI later in post-production.

Featured below are scenes of what has become to be known as the "Ghost City" from the 1995 anime, which in turn is modeled on Hong Kong, in a dystopian "future".

Sometimes (but not too often), I'd imagine GITS' streets are the harbinger of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, seen in perpetual "night".

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence DVD Covers

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#ghostintheshell #ghostintheshell2 #ghostintheshellfan

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